Southern Graziers

Your Farm. Our Responsibility.

Your Farm is more than just an asset, isn’t it?

It’s a result of a lifetime of solid work and sacrifice. This piece of land is a part of you... making it a very special place.

And it’s not just the paddocks and rural infrastructure. You’ve developed the house and gardens into a place for you and your family... from this home your family has launched the rest of their lives.

But your priorities are changing now. The family is busy with their own lives and careers… giving you time to consider your next step.

The relentless commitment the farm demands is on your mind. It sometimes feels like a burden.

The day to day on the farm can make it difficult to plan other social activities, trips, and pursue other interests. You know you and your partner deserve the chance to enjoy this precious time in your lives.

But what are your options?

Many advise that selling the farm is for the best. They say that at least this way it is off your plate and there will be money in the bank.

But that’s a big decision...

  • Where would we live?
  • We don’t really want/need to move into town yet?
  • Where would we have Christmas? The Farm is a gathering point for important holidays… a hub for our family.
  • What if my children or grandchildren change their mind and wish to go farming at some point? We’d never buy back in at today’s prices.
  • Agricultural land has reportedly appreciated at 6% p.a. for the last 10 years. Should we give that potential up?
  • How would we feel if we no longer had access to the farm?

If you sell there is no turning back.

What if there was another option to explore? One which will allow you to:

  • Still own the farm.
  • Be able to continue living on the farm if you wish.
  • Be released from the day-to-day commitment of running the farm.
  • Have the option of retaining an interest in the enterprise.
  • Continue to be benefited by the capital gain of the farm.

Gifting you the time and freedom to do whatever is on your bucket list!

Meet John

83-year-old John from Fleurieu Peninsula was in your position only 12 months ago.

What used to take him half hour now took him half a day. He was simply too tired to keep up with the daily running of the farm. This was causing him (and his partner) tension and stress. He needed options – the obvious answer was to sell, but he knew there must be another way to achieve his goals.

That’s when he met Sam from Southern Graziers.

“Picking up the phone to Sam was the best decision I could have made. He has given me my time and energy back. I still own the farm. I enjoy a return from the farm without the day to day hassle. I now have the lifestyle I have always dreamed of because Southern Graziers has the full responsibility of running the farm.”

Finally, John is able to the embrace the next stage of his life. He has MORE time, MORE energy and MORE flexibility. And to top it off, he is now under NO pressure to sell the farm.

It’s YOUR choice.

You don’t have to endure the daily struggle of keeping up with the farm work. Don’t sell if you don’t want to. There is another, better, simpler option.

Watch John's Video